Episode 3

Published on:

2nd Nov, 2020

Episode 2

Published on:

1st Sep, 2020

Episode 1

Published on:

3rd Aug, 2020

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About the Podcast

KOVA ED on music education, pedagogic innovation and EdTech
Your number one resource for music educators, innovators and EdTech enthusiasts
What to learn more about learning music and technology? Every first Monday AM of the month, a new episode explores the most relevant and timely questions.

Hosted by Ksenia Ova, the founder of KOVA ED, this podcast brings you honest, informative and new perspectives on teaching/learning piano, music education and learning technologies.
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Ksenia Ova

After my Cambridge education, over 10 years of teaching experience and work in music education sector in London I wanted to update and grow my private teaching practice so that high-quality music education and expertise delivered by trained, qualified and experienced teachers would be available at an international level.

Being an EdTech enthusiast I have been striving to create an online learning platform for all as well as establish local specialist music education for pianists. In a nutshell, KOVA ED is aiming to offer that precisely; a continuation of my private teaching practice but with a vision of an educational startup and ambitions for expansion in London's music education scene as well as internationally through online learning contexts.